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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is a Great Game but the Memes Are Even Better

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is a Great Game but the Memes Are Even Better

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now out for the Nintendo Switch, bringing the strategy RPG to consoles for the first time since the good ol’ Wii days. Considering that the fanbase is bigger than ever thanks to the Fire Emblem characters gaining popularity in Smash Bros., people are so down to jump into this new entry, especially with the three split storylines this time around.

Golden Deer, Blue Lions, and Black Eagles are the talk of the town right now and have led Fire Emblem: Three Houses to become a trending topic on Twitter, which means that there are tons of hilarious memes out there to see.

We’ve done you guys a favor and rounded up some of the best ones that we’ve come across today –you’re welcome!

It’s true, you cannot pet the dog in Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

So you’re telling me that you can’t pet the dog or the cat? You must be kidding me:

If Dedue is 18, then you might as well call me an infant — just look at all of that grey hair:

Well, at least now he can play all three routes at the same exact time, right?

This is legit the only reason that most people picked up this game, for the romance:

There’s never a bad reason to skip class and take a nap:

There’s always one:

Maybe you should try opening the mailbox one more time?

Was I the only person clicking that button over and over again last night?

Life imitates art:

Is gas really that important?

Golden Pineapple, Blue Tiki’s, and Black Rocks:


This is going to be everyone for the entire weekend once they get their hands on Three Houses:

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