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Cuphead Is Getting an Animated Netflix Television Series; Check out the First Details

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Cuphead Is Getting an Animated Netflix Television Series; Check out the First Details

Netflix and King Features Syndicate have announced that they will be teaming up to bring the world of Cuphead, the critically acclaimed indie game, to the streaming service as an animated television series. It’s called The Cuphead Show! and will expand on the setting and characters of the game, specifically Cuphead, Mugman, and the Devil.

Released back in 2017, Cuphead received critical acclaim for its painstakingly difficult platforming as well as its vibrant 1930’s aesthetic. The 2D title was developed and published by StudioMDHR and first released as a Microsoft exclusive, and would later launch on the Nintendo Switch.

In an interview with IGN, StudioMDHR mentioned that they will not be helping out with the animation for the new T.V. series as it will be handled by Netflix’s in-house animation studio.

The show will apparently still have that slapstick humor found in the run and gun platformer but will have comedy suitable for all ages. The co-creators of the show, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, want people to know that it’s not just a kids show:

“It’s safe for kids, but written so there are also things that adults find funny and appeals to a wider audience. It’s not a toddler show or a little kids cartoon. It’s safe to say that [the showrunners are] aiming for the same kind of vibe that the game hints at. They’ll be taking that idea and expanding it.”

We’re not sure when The Cuphead Show! will premiere on Netflix but considering how popular the indie title is, we hope to see it soon while it’s still hot.

Cuphead isn’t the first video game to be adapted for a Netflix series. There have been two seasons of the Castlevania Netflix series, the Witcher is coming pretty soon, and there’s also a Dragon’s Dogma anime in the works.

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