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Castlevania Returns to Netflix This Summer With Eight Episodes

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Castlevania Returns to Netflix This Summer With Eight Episodes

Time to get hyped.

Rejoice fans of all things spooky and violent, Netflix’s Castlevania series is confirmed to have eight more episodes this summer. The news comes courtesy of show writer Warren Ellis who confirmed it via a tweet.

Castlevania was Netflix’s anime-style adaptation of the titular video game series. In which various members of the Belmont lineage go on quests to slay the King of Darkness Dracula. The franchise is one of the beloved classics of gaming, dating all the way back to the NES and has taken inspiration from dozens of different sources over the years. Netflix’s Castlevania series adapted Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse in particular and told the story of Trevor Belmont, a washed up member of the Belmont family, as he gathers up allies to take down Dracula now that he has risen again.

The series first launched in July of 2017 and was a well-received hit with fans and critics alike. It was praised for its faithfulness to the Castlevania series and impressive action scenes, with most criticisms being that the series felt far too short. A second season was confirmed almost immediately after, but this is the first we’re getting a time frame for when to expect it. While there isn’t a solid date yet, the summer season would put it roughly one year after when the first season aired.


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