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Best Sims 4 Island Living Mods You Can’t Play Without


Best Sims 4 Island Living Mods You Can’t Play Without

Now that the new expansion is out for the Sims 4, there are updated/new mods that you should check out that will no doubt enhance your gameplay experience. Here are the best Sims 4 Island Living mods that you can’t play without.

Snorkel Everywhere

the sims 4 island living mods

This Sims 4 mod comes from Littlemssam over on her Tumblr mod page and it allows you to snorkel everywhere in the ocean where you can swim.

Usually, you can only snorkel at buoys so now you can have total freedom to see all of the fishes and other sea creatures.

You can download this Island Living mod right here.

Unlocked Items Mod

sims 4 island living mods

This mod that comes from iSandor on Mod the Sims lets you unlock over 20 objects that you can use in-game. There are tons of plants/gardening objects, rocks, sculptures, hammocks, towers, and much much more.

You can get to designing your island and unlock all of these items by downloading the mod right here.

Buy Corals

the sims 4 island living, corals

If you’ve been exploring the beautiful island in the new Sims 4 expansion, you might have noticed these colorful corals laying around the sand.

Well, with this mod, you’ll be able to purchase these corals from the catalog. They’ll be available in their regular color as well as a couple of new ones to choose from. Go wild and decorate your island with a bunch of these.

You can download this mod right here.

More Columns in CAS

This may not seem like a big deal, but this mod has been updated for the Island Living expansion and lets you have more columns in Create-A-Sim mode, making it easier to style your character.

No longer will you have to scroll down and down to look for that perfect hairstyle. Just be aware that if your computer screen is too small, it might not be compatible, but you can find more info and download this mod right here.

SimDa Dating App

If you’re looking to find your true love in the Sims 4 but seem to be not having any luck, why not try a dating app?

You can look for a nice blind date with someone random if you’re feeling adventurous or you can even just look for a one-night stand type of thing if you’re into that sort of stuff.

You can download this mod right here.

Adult Skills for Children

Usually, you have to wait for children to hone their skills such as playing instruments and learning how to fish, but with this Adult Skills for Children mod, you no longer have to wait for them to learn.

Thanks to the mod, child Sims can now learn certain adult skills without needing to maximize the associated child skill. This mod has been updated to work with the Island Living expansion of course.

Eat and Drink Faster

Sometimes it can take a really long time for your Sim to chow down on some food or drink water –who has time for that?  This mod reduces the time it takes for Sims to eat and drink. Instead of lounging around and watching TV, your Sim will sit their butt down and eat their food like it’s going out of fashion.

If you’re interested, you can download this mod right here.

Love and Hate

This Love and Hate mod is extremely customizable, letting you choose what a Sim loves and also what they hate. You can make your partner suddenly enjoy watching television with you or you can make them hate something that you might hate in real life.

There’s a ton of stuff that you can play around with, and you can download this mod right here.

Longer and Bigger Parties

best sims 4 island living mods

You know, it always sucks when you go to a party only to be one of the few people there. It’s even worse when the party thrower is a square and decides to end the festivities super early –I’m talking like 9 p.m. early.

With this mod, you can literally throw parties that last up to 24 hours long with up to 200 guests –talk about a night to remember.

This mod also works with Kava parties in Island Living as well as a ton of different party types like birthday parties, dinner parties, and toddler playdates.

Check this one out right here.

No Empty Venues

best sims 4 island living mods

Whenever you walk into a club late at night in real life, you expect for there to be massive amounts of people hanging out, drinking, and dancing, right? Well, in the Sims 4, if you go into a club at around 11 p.m. or so, there might not be anyone inside until you wait around for a little bit of time.

With this awesome mod, it forces the game to load NPC’s into the club or other venues before you head inside, creating a bustling location full of all types of folks.

Check this mod out right here.

That’s all we have for now for the best Sims 4 Island Living mods! For more on the Sims 4, check out some of our other mods down below:

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