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5 Best Games to Buy During Sony’s Capcom Flash Sale


5 Best Games to Buy During Sony’s Capcom Flash Sale

Sony is back for our wallets yet again with another impressive Publisher Flash Sale, this time discounting over 80 different Capcom related items in the PlayStation Store.

Running for only one week between July 2 and July 9, the Sony Capcom Flash Sale discounts games new and old, as well as select DLC items for franchises like Resident Evil and Street Fighter.

For those of you who need some help deciding how to spend your hard-earned money during this sale, look no further. Here are five games to buy during Sony’s Capcom Flash Sale.


Sony Capcom Flash Sale - Strider

  • MSRP: $14.99
  • Flash Sale Price: $4.49 (70 % off)
  • PS+ Sale Price: $2.99 (80% off)

With the lowest-priced game on our list, Double Helix’s reboot of Strider was met with largely positive reviews when it launched in 2014. The game was praised for its authentic recreation of the ninja-like speed and mobility that Strider is known for.

Strider is a hack-and-slash style beat ’em up with an emphasis on acrobatics. Getting around each level using Hiryu’s arsenal of air maneuvers and double jumps is a blast as the controls feel fluid and responsive. Simply put, Strider has never felt this good.

This reboot took what made the original game in 1989 so prolific and added more in-depth mechanics to the combat and gameplay. The original Strider was very much a linear experience, while the 2014 reboot is more in the style of a Metroidvania in terms of its map and exploration.

After taking down waves of enemies as you progress through the world, you will inevitably face one of the more challenging aspects of the game, the bosses. Fighting bosses in Strider is an exercise in pattern memorization and fantastic timing.

Although these encounters can become frustrating over time, when you finally take one down, it is a deeply satisfying and rewarding accomplishment that makes the experience feel well worth your time and effort.

Strider is a game that forces you to rethink your combat strategies constantly and encourages the player to adapt and learn as they progress through the game. Choosing to grab Strider during the Sony Capcom Flash Sale is no doubt a worthy investment.

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