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Five Questions We Still Have After Nintendo’s E3 Direct


Five Questions We Still Have After Nintendo’s E3 Direct

Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation is now over and while we got some amazing announcements, we still have some questions after it ended. Here are some of our thoughts about what was missing and what we wished we saw during the presentation.

Where Is Bayonetta 3?


The heavily anticipated new entry in the 3rd-person character action series, Bayonetta, was missing in action at E3 again this year.

While we did know that PlatinumGames and Nintendo would be showing off Astral Chain, we thought we would at least get a new trailer or some glimpses of gameplay for Bayonetta 3, yet nothing of the sort appeared during the forty-minute direct presentation.

The game is still shrouded in mystery as the only trailer we have currently is a cinematic teaser previously shown during The Game Awards show all the way back in 2017.

PlatinumGames seems to be very busy at the moment with many projects, but let’s all just hope that they’re just looking to release new information at the right time when people’s minds are elsewhere. They were most likely looking to keep the focus on Astral Chain at this year’s E3, in which they also showed off some amazing looking gameplay during Nintendo’s Treehouse live stream.

We hope to finally see some more about Bayonetta 3 at the end of this year or at least the beginning of 2020.

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