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Bethesda Unveils New Streaming Software Technology Orion


Bethesda Unveils New Streaming Software Technology Orion

Bethesda and Id software have revealed Orion, a group of game streaming software technologies designed to maximize streaming quality and speed.

Revealed during the company’s E3 2019 press conference, the new suite of technology is tailor-made to enhance and streamline the streaming process for players and developers alike.

With it, games can be streamed 20 percent faster per frame at a 40 percent lower bandwidth. This applies to any game engine, and is touted as viable across any streaming platform from Xcloud to the upcoming Google Stadia.

“Orion drastically reduces the cost of streaming for players and developers,” Bethesda’s director of publishing James Altman said.

“It won’t matter if your friends and family are sucking up all the bandwidth or if you live far away from a data center. With Orion, you’ll still be able to stream your game at maximum settings.”

The company then gave a live demonstration of the tech via a demo of Doom. The game was shown running at maximum settings from a portable screen with no latency issues.

Though no release window was given for when the technology would be available either to players or developers, the company did reveal players could help them test and refine the tech by registering for the Doom Slayers Club.

The reveal was only one of several hosted at Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conference. For all the latest news, reveals and teasers out of the event, stay tuned check out’s homepage.

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