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5 Best Indie Games Shown During E3 2019


5 Best Indie Games Shown During E3 2019

Way to the Woods

Way to the Woods, best indies at e3 2019

Tell us of any game at E3, not just indies, that looked more beautiful than Way to the Woods.

Shown during Microsoft’s conference, the game follows the story of a Deer and Fawn that embark on a journey through a world that’s since been abandoned by humans in order to return home.

The trailer featured a stunning soundtrack and gives players a glimpse of the mysterious Cat Town they’ll have to explore, as well as a pack of wolves you’ll need to escape from.

It looks artsy, interesting, and pretty darn unique, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and find out more.

What’s possibly most impressive about Way to the Woods is that it entered development a few years back by 16-year-old developer Anthony Tan.

It’s been quite the wait for fans who have been following Way to the Woods’ development, but we’re almost there with the game due to release sometime in 2020.

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