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Ary and The Secret of the Seasons Gets a New Gameplay Trailer Ahead of E3 2019

Ary and The Secret of the Seasons

Ary and The Secret of the Seasons Gets a New Gameplay Trailer Ahead of E3 2019

New footage of the upcoming action/adventure game Ary and The Secret of The Seasons has today released via the PlayStation YouTube channel, highlighting its narrative premise and showcasing action-platforming gameplay.

In development since 2016 by a team of little over 10 people, the folks at eXiin appear to have made good headway on the project since last year’s announcement trailer. The world of Valdi appears bold and colorful, brought to life with a charming art style and a fair bit of comic relief peppered between its more serious story beats.

We get a good look at how Ary’s control of the elements works in a gameplay sense, as well as more conventional combat, platforming sequences, and even riding a strange-looking giant mechanical eagle.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not all good news –publisher Modus Games has confirmed the game has slipped from its initial 2019 release window to 2020.

Ary and The Secret of the Seasons Ary is a story about Ary, a young girl who has become the Guardian of Winter, a privilege normally reserved for males only, that grants her the ability to manipulate the seasons.

Ary will learn to control the seasons and use them to defeat enemies, overcome obstacles, and solve complex puzzles as players travel across the world.

The game’s key features are listed below:

  • Rewarding exploration: Harnessing the power of the seasons, Ary can traverse sweeping landscapes in search of new destinations, solving amazing environmental puzzles to progress.
  • Captivating storytelling: Ary is recruited to help the Guardians of Seasons, an old organization caught up by rigid traditions. As she ventures through uncharted locations across Valdi, Ary will discover secrets and hidden meanings behind the Guardian of Seasons.
  • Dynamic Environments: Manipulate the world around Ary with her environmental powers. Leap between ecosystems to bend the world and seasons to her needs.
  • Fluid combat: Ary’s skills will be put to the test as she encounters foes looking to thwart her progress – from local inhabitants to hulking behemoths, she will use all the tools at her disposal to overcome monumental obstacles.
  • Alluring 3D world: A beautiful visual style combined with an enchanting soundtrack creates a lingering atmosphere that will surely become a memorable gameplay experience.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below:

Ary and The Secret of The Seasons is slated for launch in 2020 across PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $29.99.

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