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5 Best Skyrim Mods of May 2019


5 Best Skyrim Mods of May 2019

The Tale of the Dragon’s Bane


Creator: TheWorldofRipX

Rejoice, archers, here comes one of the strongest bows in Skyrim, Dragon’s Bane. It even outranks the Dragonbone bow in terms of sheer damage. This highly powerful weapon has fire and absorb health enchantments built in from the start.

Sure, the bow is great, but any old Skyrim modder can make a strong weapon. What pushes this mod to the next level is the story involved. It tells the tale of a warrior, his powerful bow, and a terrifying dragon.

Multiple books lying around Skyrim will point you in the right direction towards Dragon’s Bane There are no quest markers, but the text in the tomes should supply you with ample information.

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