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Sonic Movie Director Jeff Fowler Says Sonic Will Get Another Makeover


Sonic Movie Director Jeff Fowler Says Sonic Will Get Another Makeover

Hollywood has felt the wrath of the Sonic fanbase.

Jeff Fowler, director of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film, has acknowledged in a tweet Thursday the negative feedback Sonic’s movie design has received in the last 48 hours since the trailer’s release. Fowler understood that his design, which came with an exaggeratingly large set of human teeth, made fans’ blood boil a thousand degrees, and promised that Paramount and Sega will give their all to redesign Sonic to the best of their abilities.

How much Sonic will be redesigned remains is unclear, especially with the movie expected to debut six months from now. We hope that Sonic’s movie makeover will be as anatomically correct as the modern source material.

Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog artist and co-creator Naoto Ohshima tweeted a drawing of Sonic’s movie design, saying that he loves all Sonics but is worried about his fans’ backlash towards the Blue Blur’s new look.

If Fowler and Paramount are truly committed to redesigning Sonic to look as cute as he is in the games, they gotta fix him fast lest they be forced to push the release date of the movie back a month or two.

Sonic the Hedgehog makes his theatrical debut November 8, 2019.

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