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Mordhau: How to Change Weapon Skins

Mordhau, How to Change Weapon Skins

Mordhau: How to Change Weapon Skins

How to Change Weapon Skins in Mordhau

There are a variety of different skins you can equip to your armaments in Mordhau, though they won’t be worth much if you don’t know how to change weapon skins once you have them.

Ranging from simple tweaks to a weapon’s make to a complete overhaul of its core design, skins keep Mordhau interesting for those who wish to play it long term.

Sure, these different skins don’t change the core stats of weapons very often, but they do allow you to customize your character past the initial designs and loadouts presented to you at the start of the game.

Of course, you’ll need to switch them out manually if you want to see them. Fortunately, doing so is a fairly easy process.

Where to Go to Change Them

Go to the Armory tab of the main menu. Then, click the third equipment tab down and cycle through the weapons you currently have available.

If you have different skins available for use, the weapons they can be applied to will have a “Skins” option you can cycle through at the top of their customization menu.

Click the arrows on either side of the “Skins” icon to cycle through whatever skins you have for the weapon. Once this is done though, you’ll have to re-equip any other modifications you already had equipped to your weapon of choice.

Once you have everything you’d like to use equipped, make the selected weapon one of your equipped weapons for matches.

That’s all there is to it really. You can also switch back and forth between skins whenever you’d like, though again, you’ll have to re-equip any auxiliary parts you added to the weapon yourself.

Hopefully this cleared up how to change weapon skins in Mordhau. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to use a toolbox and what it does.

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