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Mordhau: How to Play Horde Mode


Mordhau: How to Play Horde Mode

Here’s How to Play Horde Mode in Mordhau

Mordhau is a hack-n-slash action game set in medieval times that’s primarily focused on multiplayer and features three main modes of play. Here’s how to play Horde Mode in Mordhau.

While not the primary mode of play in Mordhau, Horde Mode allows players to focus on the aspect of Mordhau done best: hack-n-slash action. If you’ve played this type of mode before, you know exactly what you’re in for. If you haven’t, here’s what it is.

What Horde Mode Is

Horde Mode is a mode in Mordhau that allows the player to take on waves and waves of enemies. It’s co-op and doesn’t really have an end in sight.

Each round is packed with various types of enemies and as you complete one round, another round soon starts. Each subsequent round is harder than the last.

With each kill you get, you earn gold that can be used in the game to purchase things like new weapons or additional pieces of armor. You can also purchase other things like trinkets which adjust your in-game statistical values.

The gold cannot be purchased with real-world money and can only be earned in-game. Horde Mode is a quick and efficient way to earn gold if you’re saving up for a special item.

How to Get Into Horde Mode

To get into Horde Mode, start the game and when you’ve reached the main menu, you’ll see three different modes. Select Horde Mode and you’re set.

Ideally, you have some friends to play with to ensure the best communication, but if not, you’ll be thrown into matchmaking to find a group of random players.

Other Modes You Can Play

On the same screen that you selected Horde Mode on, there are two additional modes: Frontline and Battle Royale.

In Frontline, you are tasked with capturing capture points and completing objectives as you make your way forward through a linear map. The opposing team, naturally, is trying to stop you.

In Battle Royale, you spawn in with virtually nothing with other players and fight to the end to be the last one standing. It’s a barebones Battle Royale compared to others the genre, but Mordhau’s combat works so well that this mode is still pretty engaging.

That’s it for our guide on how to play Horde Mode in Mordhau including what this mode is, how to get into it and the other modes available in the game.

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