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Fortnite Account Merger Service to End in Less Than a Week


Fortnite Account Merger Service to End in Less Than a Week

If you’re like me and have the same free-to-play game installed on multiple platforms, you probably wish you could consolidate your numerous inventories. While it’s possible in Fortnite, the service’s window of opportunity has almost closed.

In case you didn’t know, Epic Games lets gamers merge two Fortnite accounts, so they can transfer their Fortnite cosmetic items and V-Bucks from one account to the other. This account merge service allows gamers who are on the go transfer their epic skin collection and digital wallet from their Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to their Nintendo Switch or vice versa.

The service is not without limitations, though. The merger takes two weeks to complete, and all transferred items are held for the duration. More importantly, players can’t merge banned or disabled accounts.

However, those who have been wondering whether an account merge is the right choice has a limited amount of time to make up their minds. Recently, Epic Games announced the account merge service will shut down on May 6th. Coincidentally, this cutoff date is two days before the start of Fortnite Season 9.

Technically, Epic will only terminate the ability to request merged accounts. Any requests made before May 6th will still be honored, as will mergers that are “In Progress.” Anyone who requests a merger on May 5th still has to wait two weeks for the account merge to complete.

Many commenters on the Fortnite Twitter and Facebook pages are displeased with the news. And, since Epic Games has not explained why it is discontinuing the service, some theorize possible reasons. More than a few claim this development could make way for a different, potentially improved, account merge system, but that remains to be seen.

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