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Forager: Pillars Puzzle Solution

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Forager: Pillars Puzzle Solution

A big portion of Forager is spent solving puzzles found in the different biomes in order to gain more gear to help on your journey. Here’s the pillars puzzle solution in Forager.

Pillars Puzzle Solution in Forager

Forager is a single-player exploration game that involves solving puzzles, battling enemies, and crafting resources to move through different biomes in the environment. It is often compared to games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley.

Pillars Puzzle Solution

One puzzle you will stumble upon in the grass biome tasks you with interacting with four pillars in the correct order. The order in which you must activate these pillars may not seem clear at first, but we have the answer for you.

You’ll notice each pillar has a symbol on the top of it and each symbol corresponds with a number. The bottom right pillar is clearly labeled number one, but after that, it may seem tricky.

The key here is that each subsequent number has a slightly larger symbol, so number two would be the top left, number three is the top right, and number four is the bottom left.

After clicking all four in the correct order a giant chest will spawn in the middle of the four pillars. You’ll need a key in order to open the chest which can be crafted back at your forge. While you’re there you’ll need to make sure you’ve crafted some bridges in order to get to the actual chest itself.

Once you’ve got a key you can unlock the chest and claim your rewards. If you’re still having trouble you can watch our video guide down below.

Forager is currently available on PC.

That’s everything you need to know about the pillars puzzle solution in Forager. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Twinfinite.


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