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Fantasy RPG Animistic Announced by Kadokawa Games and Bilibili


Fantasy RPG Animistic Announced by Kadokawa Games and Bilibili

Japanese developer Kadokawa Games and Chinese publisher Bilibili announced a partnership to launch the mobile fantasy RPG Animistic.

The game will be free to play with the usual optional purchases, and it’ll include artwork by Takuya Fujima, whom you may know for Divine Gate Zero and the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series.

It includes skill-based strategy battles in a world plagued with disaster and conflicts among gods and demons. Of course, there are plenty of cute waifus to collect.

At the moment, the game has been announced only for the Chinese market, but the global PR Twitter account posted the key artwork with the tease of “wonderful news” soon. This could be a hint of a worldwide release down the line.

Below you can see the announcement trailer (unfortunately we don’t have a YouTube embed, as it was published only on BiliBili’s own video platform), and a few images.

We’ll have to stand-by and see if Animistic comes west but it certainly looks interesting, and the art style is definitely fetching.

Kadokawa Games is currently working on multiple projects, including the simulation RPG Project Stella.

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