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10 Defining Minecraft Moments to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary


10 Defining Minecraft Moments to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

Every decade or so a game comes around that captures the imagination of the world and changes how we think about video games. It’s highly unlikely that the creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, could have ever expected the response that Minecraft received.

This title was and still is a massive presence in the world of gaming and pop culture.

When Minecraft was released to the world in mid-2009 it gathered steam quickly and never looked back. However, the game has changed considerably from the state in which it was originally released. These are the 10 major events in the life of Minecraft that built the game as we know it today.

May 17, 2009: Hello World: Minecraft Launches



There was a whole lead up of development with something called Cave Game. It all led to the smash hit that we know today as Minecraft.

Back in May of 2009, the first iteration of Minecraft had a major game-breaking bug in it. That’s hardly the ideal launch for a new game. However, just four minutes later, Persson released an update that fixed the major bug.

Technically, the game was still in a very early pre-retail state at this point.

The limited tools and blocks didn’t stop people from flocking to this new game. A free release is always enticing, and the dawn of social media certainly helped Minecraft spread across the Internet. Speaking of which, Minecraft Classic was recently re-released as a free browser game.

You can now experience all the fun of the old game at any time.

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