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You Can Now Refund Digital PlayStation Store Purchases

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You Can Now Refund Digital PlayStation Store Purchases

Sony recently updated its PlayStation Store refund policy so gamers with buyer’s remorse aren’t out of luck.

Starting today, virtually every piece of digital goodness bought through the PlayStation Store is eligible for a refund. This includes full games, DLC, avatars, themes, and season passes. Gamers who want a refund can contact PlayStation support, and their money will be reimbursed to their PlayStation Network wallet.

However, as with all refunds, some stipulations apply. Gamers can only request refunds within fourteen days of the purchase date. More importantly, customers can’t buy a game, download it, play for an hour, and then ask for a refund. Once a game is streamed or downloaded, it is ineligible for a refund unless it is “faulty,” and no, the policy doesn’t elaborate what constitutes faulty content.

Refunds work slightly differently for pre-orders and subscriptions, though. PlayStation 4 owners who pre-order a game more than fourteen days before release can request a refund before the game launches. Even if they wait several months and the game has yet to release, gamers can still contact customer support for a refund. However, pre-orders made less than fourteen days before release are subject to the standard fourteen-day refund window.

As for subscription refunds, gamers can request them up to fourteen days after purchase, but they won’t receive a full refund. Instead, they will receive an amount of money dependent on how much they used the subscription. In other words, a gamer who orders a subscription refund after one day will receive more PlayStation Network wallet credit than someone who requests a refund after thirteen days. This rule applies to PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, and Spotify Premium subscriptions.

Moreover, Sony’s new refund policy does not extend to PlayStation Vue subscriptions and changing Online ID services. These are non-refundable, even though gamers can cancel their PlayStation Vue subscription anytime.

Since the refund process is not automated, some refunds might take longer than others since gamers have to contact customer service.

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