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Outward: How to Make Money Fast

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Outward: How to Make Money Fast

How to Make Money Fast in Outward

It’s tough to get by in the gritty world of Outward. With money in short supply, items typically need to be crafted and weapons forged, or hoarded and then transported back to town to sell, all of which means a lot of traveling around and micromanaging inventory space. But there are one or two ways to earn enough silver to make the back and forth a little less arduous, allowing you to purchase supplies, items, and weapons rather than always having to rely on exploration. Here’s how to make money fast in Outward.

We’re going to go over two ways to earn money fast in Outward. The first is targeted at players who are struggling at the start of the game in Cierzo, but it can be performed at any time. The second method is for later on in the game, but it’s a method you can use repeatedly.

Earning Silver in Cierzo (Beginning)

First, you’ll need an Alchemy Kit and a Waterskin. You can purchase an Alchemy Kit from Helmi the Alchemist in Cierzo for 60 silver. The Waterskin is found by the water distillery in Cierzo (by the large pool of water).

Now you’ll need to purchase three materials from Shopkeep Doran, the Soroborean Caravanner, and Helmi the Alchemist: Thick Oil, Turmmips, and Star Mushrooms.

From here, fill your Waterskin up with clean water and set up your Alchemy Kit. This can be done within the town.

What you’re going to do is combine Turmmips, Star Mushrooms, and Clean Water to make Astral Potions. You can also combine the Salt Water and Thick Oil to make Warm Potions. You can then sell these back to merchants for a good amount of money.

12 Astral Potions will net you 96 Silver, and 36 Warm Potions will net you 144 for a total of 240 Silver.

Vendavel Fortress Iron Scrap Mining

To the south of Outward’s map is a location called Vendavel Fortress, and it’s here that money (silver) can be exchanged for two crafting materials that are pretty easy to come by: iron scraps and bandages.

In fact, you can actually mine iron scraps from within the fortress’ prison cell, and each scrap you turn in is worth 5 silver.

If you haven’t explored this location before then it will involve your character being taken prisoner and waking up in a cell. You’ll then have to perform a few short side quests to either buy or fight your way out. Before you do, though, you’ll want to cash in on the Silver available.

There is a slave within the prison cell of Venadavel Fortress (where the mining is taking place) that you can speak with. She’ll trade any iron scraps you have. Alternatively, you can use a pickaxe to mine iron scraps nearby and then turn them in.

Our recommendation would be to save up as many iron scraps as you can before exploring the fortress if you haven’t done so already. You should be able to make anywhere from 200-800 silver. There’s also quite a bit of loot to be found in the area that is also worth a decent amount.

You can keep returning to this location and trading iron scraps for silver, so it’s super useful even after you’ve tried this method out.

That’s all the information you should need about how to earn money fast in Outward. Obviously, there are other methods to earn good amounts of silver, but this should be a useful starting point.

For more information on Outward, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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