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How Long Katana Zero Takes to Beat, Answered

Katana Zero, How Long it Takes to Beat

How Long Katana Zero Takes to Beat, Answered

How Long Katana Zero Takes to Beat, Answered

While some may not want to reach the end of the game too soon, others may be wondering how long it takes to beat Katana Zero. Fortunately, we’ve got the answer.

Telling the tale of a chemically-enhanced samurai, Katana Zero is host to a deceptively long runtime. Like other titles, this is done by providing side content for players to take on at their leisure, expanding on the game’s world and its story.

All told, this gives the game a runtime of roughly eight hours, with four hours made up of the main story missions, two hours made up of side content and another hour or two comprised of general exploration and experimentation with the gameplay.

This means players looking to play through the main story and be done with it can do so in one sitting if they’d like. For everyone else though, it may help to know what they’re in for from the rest of the game’s content.

What Makes Up the Side Content in Katana Zero

In terms of side content, Katana Zero offers two different sets of options: Playthroughs tied to each of the game’s endings and secret weapons and unlockables.

The former is fairly straightforward. While playing through the main story, players will face a choice that determines whether they get a bad ending or a true ending.

Though the true ending choice is the canon one and provides more gameplay, the “Bad End” is still interesting and worth seeing for fans of the title.

As for the secret weapons and unlockables, there are a slew to be found via the locked doors found in a secret facility at the end of the game.

These doors can only be unlocked with keys obtained from targets scattered throughout Katana Zero’s missions, and thus give the player good reason to go back and experiment with how to best secure them.

That’s all there is to how long Katana Zero takes to beat. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to unlock the game’s secret ending.

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