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How Long Does it Take to Beat Heaven’s Vault? Answered

Heaven's Vault, How Long it Takes to Beat

How Long Does it Take to Beat Heaven’s Vault? Answered

How Long it Takes to Beat Heaven’s Vault, Answered

Heaven’s Vault can be an immersive and original gaming experience, but given how much content it provides, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat Heaven’s Vault.

As it turns out, you should be ready for a dozen or two hours of gameplay.

In all, Heaven’s Door has around 20 hours of gameplay. This includes the game’s 12 hours of core content as well as all of the side content you can track down and take part in along the way.

This can also vary based on whether you get stuck trying to find every artifact or decipher every part of the language. The game is very non-linear, and as a result can be easy to get lost in.

Why Heaven’s Vault Is so Long

At its core though, this design choice is far from a bad thing.

Set against a story of deciphering an alien language and uncovering artifacts tied to its civilization, Heaven’s Vault’s gameplay is equal parts exploratory and thought-provoking.

Hours can be spent wandering the dusty terrain of a vast planet. Each new discovery feels hard-earned and doggedly sought out, but it also feels amazing to successfully piece together another portion of a language thought forgotten forever.

Of course, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and if you find yourself getting fatigued with the gameplay there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the main batch of gameplay.

If you do find you enjoy it though, you can look forward to a bulk of gameplay before the experience is through.

That’s all there is to how long it takes to beat Heaven’s Vault. For more tips, tricks and info on a variety of games from indies all the way up to AAA fare, stay tuned to Twinfinite for all of the latest news, guides and reviews.

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