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Fortnite: How to Complete All Season 8 Week 6 Challenges

how to complete all Fortnite week 6 challenges

Fortnite: How to Complete All Season 8 Week 6 Challenges

How to Complete All Season 8 Week 6 Challenges in Fortnite

Another week means another set of weekly challenges for players to complete and earn themselves another 50 Battle Stars for their Battle Pass. As always, we’re right on hand to guide you through how to complete all seven of Fortnite’s week 6 challenges with as little effort as possible. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Challenge List

As we always do around here, we’ve provided a screenshot of the week 6 challenge list from within Fortnite down below. That’s just so you know that this is the real deal, and not some leaked list which has been changed last minute by Epic.

From a quick glance at the list, you can see that there are quite a few challenges that’ll require you to hunt down landmarks or particular locations on Fortnite’s map. Well, fear not, as we’ve got guides to take you right to the spots you need to land, which you can check out below.

How to Complete the Week 6 Challenges Easily

  • Visit the five highest elevations on the island
  • Visit a wooden rabbit, a stone pig and a metal llama
  • Eliminate opponents at Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights (3)
  • Search where the knife points on the Treasure Map loading screen
  • Stage 1: Land at Fatal Fields
    • Stage 2: Land at Lazy Lagoon
    • Stage 3: Land at Shift Shafts
    • Stage 4: Land at Frosty Flights
    • Stage 5: Land at Sunny Steps
  • Use different throwable items in a single match (2)
  • Get an elimination with a Flint-Knock Pistol or Boom Bow

Starting from the top, you’ll need to visit the five highest elevation points on the island. These are marked similarly to how the furthest north, east, south, and west points were marked, with little white boards. We’ve provided all of the highest elevations locations in our guide here.

Next up, you’ll need to track down some animal structures built out of the various different materials. This time you’re looking for a wooden rabbit, a stone pig, and a metal llama. The metal llama is up north of Junk Junction, the wooden rabbit can be found just north of Snobby Shores on a hill, and the stone pig is just southeast of Lucky Landing.

You can check out the full locations including images in our guide here.

Eliminating opponents at Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights is pretty self-explanatory. As always, we recommend landing on a weapon first, so you can quickly eliminate players trying to look for or open a chest in the early stages of a game.

The Treasure Map loading screen returns once again for one of Fortnite’s week 6 challenges too. You’ll need to search where the knife points on the loading screen, which can be found over on the right-hand side. You’re looking for somewhere just north of the ‘GUS’ racetrack, which we’ve detailed out in our guide here.

The remaining challenges are once again pretty straightforward. Simply land at the named locations when you first begin a game to clear those, and use Clingers, Stink Bombs, Dynamite, Impulse Grenades or Boogie Bombs in a single match to clear the throwable items challenge.

Finally, you’ll need to get an elimination with a Flint-Knock Pistol or Boom Bow. We recommend doing these in one of the LTM modes currently that allows you to respawn, as you can loot more easily and have a better chance of getting one of these weapons.

Furthermore, if you die, you’ll respawn with those same weapons, enabling you to have multiple goes at getting that all-important elimination without having to constantly search for the weapons over and over again.

Upon completing all of the week 6 challenges, you’ll then be able to track down the secret banner, which we also convenient have a guide for right here.

That’s all you need to know to complete Fortnite’s week 6 challenges in Season 8. For more tips, tricks, and guides on this current season, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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