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Fortnite 8.30 Update Adds Reboot Vans and Buccaneer’s Bounty Event


Fortnite 8.30 Update Adds Reboot Vans and Buccaneer’s Bounty Event

Epic Games revealed the patch notes for the 8.30 update coming to Fortnite on all platforms today, adding new mechanics and features to Battle Royale and Save the World modes.

The new Reboot Vans announced last week introduces the ability to respawn eliminated teammates in Battle Royale by picking up their Reboot Cards now dropping after death and depositing at any van located at major points in the map.

Any teammate can deposit the cards regardless of who picked it up, and the rebooted squad members spawn with full health, a common pistol, some ammo, and some wood so they are not completely defensive after respawning.

The Reboot Vans and Cards are only available in squad-type modes, and will be disabled in “Solos, Big Team Limited Time Modes, and any modes with respawns enabled.”

Battle Royale will also be holding a new event starting today until Monday, April 15 called Buccaneer’s Bounty. The new event promises a “fresh” limited-time mode each day alongside free challenges offering in-game rewards.

The 8.30 update adds a new “Sit Out” feature to Battle Royale that offers players to stay in their party but not participate in the match, allowing others in the party to play instead of waiting. The feature will soon be coming to the Save the World mode.

Fortnite: Save the World introduces a new type of mission called Lost in Transit, where players have 15 minutes to locate and escort five trucks from enemies and or in need of refueling while staying in the safe area from the damaging storm. Outside of new content, the 8.30 patch notes contain a long list of changes and bug fixes between both modes.

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