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Devil May Cry 5 PS4 Censorship Was Removed Only in North America; European Version Is Still Censored

Devil May Cry 5 Trish

Devil May Cry 5 PS4 Censorship Was Removed Only in North America; European Version Is Still Censored

Earlier today, we reported that the lights covering Trish’s body in a scene in Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 on PS4 were removed by the latest update. Turns out that there is an additional caveat to this endless saga.

The censoring lights have been indeed removed, but only in North American copies of the game. European copies still include the sneaky light. This means that the European (likely including Australia, the Middle East, and Africa, which are considered part of Europe in the regional split) PS4 version is now the only one that remains slightly more censored than the rest.

I personally confirmed this, and you can see it for yourself in this livestream recording by Twitch user Samipon, which I observed live.

Another scene featuring Lady remains censored in all versions, but this isn’t surprising considering that the angle is much more revealing.

If you missed the beginning of this saga, A few weeks ago, we Twinfinite reported that the day one patch for Devil May Cry 5 added some purple lights censoring a scene showing Trish’s naked body only on PS4 and only in western copies of the game. Yesterday’s Bloody Palace update removed the effect allowing an unobstructed view of the scene, but indeed it was only in North America.

At the moment, it’s hard to say why only the European version remains censored. A likely scenario is that Capcom was required to comply with the specific regulations of one or more countries in the EMEA region, causing the censorship to extend to all. The Xbox One and Steam versions aren’t linked to any region, so they’re likely safe.

This could explain why the American version was initially censored as well, and then uncensored, as it could have easily been done by mistake while applying the light to the European version.

Apparently, this saga hasn’t reached its end yet.

Devil May Cry 5 is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

[Thanks for the tip: Zach Z]

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