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Days Gone: Beginner Tips & Tricks


Days Gone: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Days Gone is finally releasing on PS4 this week, and we’ve got a few handy beginner tips to help you get started.

Upgrade that Motorbike

days gone

The motorbike is your primary mode of transportation in Days Gone, and it’s also an essential tool if you’re planning on using the fast travel function a lot.

However, when you’re just getting started, the bike itself is pretty weak with low max health and a small fuel tank. Copeland’s camp is the first settlement you’ll reach in the game, and there’s a bike vendor there that sells valuable upgrades to greatly improve the bike’s performance.

I highly recommend doing all the early camp missions for Copeland, just so you can increase that camp’s Trust level quickly, and earn enough Credits for those upgrades.

Upgrade the motorbike, and it’ll have better speed, be able to travel over longer distances, and take more of a beating before you have to repair it again. As you’re roaming about Days Gone’s open world, remember to look out for red fuel cans as well to top up the tank.

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