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5 Best Video Game Stories of 2019 So Far


5 Best Video Game Stories of 2019 So Far

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Best Video Game Stories of 2019

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After a topsy-turvy period of time at Telltale Games, it’s almost a miracle that The Walking Dead’s final season got completed at all, and it was worth the wait.

Much of this game’s narrative impact would be lost if you haven’t already been following Clementine’s journey since the very first season, but all of it culminates in this final season where our baby girl comes into her own.

The final season is largely centered around Clementine and AJ, as she tries to figure out what it means to be a good role model for a child who’s only ever known death and destruction in a zombie-infested world. Most of the decisions presented in the final season are actually quite well thought out, with differing outcomes that will likely sit with you for a long time to come.

Most importantly, though, The Walking Dead’s final season serves as an incredible conclusion to Clementine’s character arc that Telltale’s been developing for so many years. The season might have its fair share of cliched moments, but there’s no denying its strong narrative impact.

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