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5 MCU Characters That Still Need Standalone Films (Spoilers)


5 MCU Characters That Still Need Standalone Films (Spoilers)

Even though Avengers: Endgame provided closure to a whole bunch of MCU characters, there are still some characters that we would love to see get a standalone film of their own.

This is a warning that there will be many spoilers in this article speaking on the plot and ending of Avengers: Endgame so we advise that you proceed with caution.

Black Widow

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The standalone Black Widow film has yet to be officially confirmed to be in production by Marvel, but it’s more like likely a question of when and not if.

During the events of Avengers: Endgame Black Widow, unfortunately, faces an untimely death due to the “rules” surrounding the Soul Stone. In order for the team to take possession of it, Black Widow had to be sacrificed. This wasn’t a choice, as both Hawkeye and Black Widow both wanted to sacrifice themselves, but their short-lived fight ended with Natasha falling into a pit, ending her life.

To be honest, her death was not as emotionally charged as say, Tony Starks, thanks to it happening so quickly, but still, it was depressing to see a big part of the Avengers team gone forever.

We’ve seen some of her past thanks to some flashbacks and other story beats throughout the Avengers film, but the MCU has never really dived deep into Natasha’s past. We would love to see more of who she was and where she came from in a standalone film starring Natasha.

Considering that she is now dead, it would have to be a prequel of some sort but taking a look at who she was could ultimately make her death in Endgame have a lot more meaning and depth behind it.

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