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5 Best Video Game Bosses of 2019 So Far


5 Best Video Game Bosses of 2019 So Far

G-Birkin (Resident Evil 2)

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We’re cheating a little bit here, considering that you face Birkin a number of times over the course of your playtime in Resident Evil 2, but he’s easily one of the most satisfying video game bosses to take down in 2019 so far.

His first appearance in the Resident Evil 2 remake is utterly terrifying, as he relentlessly chases you around a small confined space. His subsequent appearances in the game get increasingly intense, as you can clearly see the G-Virus slowly taking over Birkin’s body, and he becomes more and more mutated.

Birkin’s transformation is so warped that by the time you get to the game’s true ending and he comes back for one last scare, he’s literally a giant blob of disgusting, sinewy flesh that’s being controlled by a giant eyeball. Resident Evil 2’s boss designs are honestly quite beautiful in a gross way, and taking down G-Birkin is incredibly satisfying.

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