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5 Anime That Deserve a Full Adaptation Remake


5 Anime That Deserve a Full Adaptation Remake

With Fruits Basket joining the likes of Fullmetal Alchemist as series that saw a remake covering all their source material, we couldn’t help but think of five other anime that deserve a full adaptation remake. (*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*)


Trigun, Full Adaptation Remake

While Trigun‘s foray into anime is regarded as a classic by many, it only scratched the surface of the story it could have told.

In the original manga by Yasuhiro Nightow, the story begins much the same way as the anime but diverges drastically in later chapters.

And for good reason: The anime only covers the first part of the manga and some of the second, with an anime-original ending used due to the series still being in progress.

It proved a fine enough ending, but compared to what the manga offered – planetary devastation, climactic battles between Vash and his enemies and more fulfilling character arcs all around – it leaves much to be desired now.

That’s why an anthology of films or OVAs would do Trigun wonders. Much like Hellsing Ultimate gave its series new life, a new core of Trigun anime could finally do justice by the one-of-a-kind series and bring it back into the forefront of anime fandom.


Bleach, Full Adaptation Remake

To put it bluntly, the Bleach anime had a largely bad run.

Plagued with filler and ended on an anticlimactic note, it left all but the most die-hard fans dissatisfied and wanting more.

This was worsened by the fact that it ended right before the series’ final arc, wherein it saw some of its most evocative villains and themes.

As such, a Dragon Ball Z Kai-esque remake would do the series wonders. Not only could it cleave away all the unnecessary fluff, but it could also adapt the sorely missed content left out of the show’s original run.

Not only that, but it could improve on the flaws of the final arc as well. While many of the final fights in the manga were bombastic and epic, there was a rushed sense of pacing that plagued it down to the final chapter.

A full adaptation remake could alleviate this, giving the arc more room to breath and develop as an enjoyable pace for viewers.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland, Full Adaptation Remake

While the cult following behind Deadman Wonderland was happy enough to see it get an anime adaptation at all, the series’ source material is more than worthy of getting a full adaptation remake.

Following the events covered in the current anime adaptation, the world and its characters are explored in far more depth.

Who each prisoner is, the meaning behind their powers and their interactions with one another are all fleshed out beautifully, all while over-the-top battles full of blood and gore are put on full display.

That’s to say nothing of the main plot. Secrets like the cause of Shiro’s madness, her past with Ganta and so much more are revealed in earnest, giving meaning and depth to all that came before it.

To that end, a regularly released full adaptation remake in line with 2011’s Hunter X Hunter could be a sure-fire success. It may take a bit of time to get the ball rolling, but its darker themes, story and art style would no doubt find an audience before long.


Claymore, Full Adaptation Remakes

With dark fantasy series like Game of Thrones setting the world on fire in recent years, it’s shocking no one has considered giving Claymore‘s source material the full remake adaptation it deserves.

Set in a grim medieval world full of struggle, deception and man-eating monsters, the original anime series offers the same fantastically bleak appeal as Game of Thrones, albeit with a bit less political drama and more sword fights.

And this is in a mere 26 episodes. With all of the material provided by the completed manga, the series could easily double or even triple that episode count with a new adaptation, keeping viewers enthralled for weeks on end.

It would be worth taking the time to adapt everything too. The ways in which the cast’s relationships are expanded upon, as well as how they react to the litany of new threats and challenges they face, are volumes better than how they’re currently left.

It all boils down to what could be a sure hit, and one that needs to be taken advantage of sooner rather than later.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater, Full Adaptation Remake

It would be a gross oversight to talk about series that deserve a full adaptation remake without mentioning Soul Eater.

Though it featured top-notch animation and beautiful artwork, the anime adaptation of the beloved manga quickly goes off the rails near its conclusion. Character arcs are rushed, integral fights are skipped and the whole story ends up feeling unsatisfying.

This is made all the more frustrating when one learns why this is: The anime only adapted half of the series. Entire arcs of content from the manga, many of them fan favorites, were never adapted due to not being out yet.

Given the series’ continued popularity, Soul Eater desperately needs the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood treatment. Not only could it gloss over the arcs already covered, but it could put all of its energy into making the newly adapted material shine.

Fans would flock to the opportunity to see Maka, Blackstar and Death the Kid’s story arcs completed in earnest, and it could finally establish itself as the all-time great series people hoped it would be in the first place.

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