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5 Anime That Deserve a Full Adaptation Remake


5 Anime That Deserve a Full Adaptation Remake

With Fruits Basket joining the likes of Fullmetal Alchemist as series that saw a remake covering all their source material, we couldn’t help but think of five other anime that deserve a full adaptation remake. (*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*)


Trigun, Full Adaptation Remake

While Trigun‘s foray into anime is regarded as a classic by many, it only scratched the surface of the story it could have told.

In the original manga by Yasuhiro Nightow, the story begins much the same way as the anime but diverges drastically in later chapters.

And for good reason: The anime only covers the first part of the manga and some of the second, with an anime-original ending used due to the series still being in progress.

It proved a fine enough ending, but compared to what the manga offered – planetary devastation, climactic battles between Vash and his enemies and more fulfilling character arcs all around – it leaves much to be desired now.

That’s why an anthology of films or OVAs would do Trigun wonders. Much like Hellsing Ultimate gave its series new life, a new core of Trigun anime could finally do justice by the one-of-a-kind series and bring it back into the forefront of anime fandom.

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