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Sekiro: How to Eavesdrop on Enemies

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Sekiro: How to Eavesdrop on Enemies

How to Eavesdrop on Enemies in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest game from the acclaimed developer FromSoftware, makers of Bloodborne and Dark Souls. While Sekiro certainly shares some similarities with the other two it’s a beat all its own, sporting more of an emphasis on action and stealth. Part of that focus lets you get more info by eavesdropping, so here’s how to eavesdrop on enemies in Sekiro.

How to Eavesdrop

Eavesdropping is, luckily, fairly easy to do in Sekiro, you’ll just need to be careful in the process. Many enemies in the game can be eavesdropped on if you sneak up close to them, either hiding behind cover, crouching on a roof or tree, or anywhere else hidden from sight.

When an enemy can be eavesdropped on a button prompt will appear on screen and you’ll need to press down on the d-pad in order to listen in on their conversation. It’s important to note that you can only eavesdrop if the button prompt appears, and you won’t be able to listen in on every enemy or group of enemies.

Also make sure you aren’t spotted by enemies, as the instant that happens you lose any and all chance of listening in on them.

What It Does

Eavesdropping on enemies isn’t necessary to play through Sekiro, but it can help give you hints and info on how to proceed. Listening in on enemies might give you hints on how to beat an upcoming boss, or how to proceed through a certain area.

It’s hard to say exactly what listening in will tell you, but it’ll always apply to your immediate area, or something that’s coming up very soon.

It’s in your best interest to eavesdrop on enemies and use stealth, as it’ll help give you an advantage.

Hopefully, that helps clear up how to eavesdrop on enemies in Sekiro. For even more tips, tricks, and info make sure to search Twinfinite, and take a look at our ever-expanding Sekiro guide wiki.

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