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Pocket Build: How to Get Wood

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Pocket Build: How to Get Wood

How to Get Wood in Pocket Build

Pocket Build is a game that allows you to build almost anything you want, from magical fantasy lands to thriving modern metropolis. But before you start dreaming too big you’ll need to learn the basics. Understanding how to obtain the game’s various resources is the first step, so here’s how to wood in Pocket Build if you’re not sure.

The nice thing about Pocket Build is that it doesn’t bother you with too much micromanagement when it comes to resources. This is a building game that encourages players to experiment and get creative, so you won’t have to fiddle around instructing workers to mine different resources.

Instead, you will simply have to dangle the resources in front of them and they’ll go about their work automatically. Trees, just like other resources in the game, need to be purchased and then placed on the map in your preferred spot.

Getting Wood in Pocket Build is obtained by chopping trees, so to have your workers get wood simply purchase a tree from the item menu and place it on the map nearby them. To access the item menu, tap the item menu, tap the tree icon, then select a tree and place it wherever is convenient.

The same process applies to other resources, such as gold, and crops. Just access the item menu, buy the item, and place it near your workers.

That information should have made it crystal clear how to get wood in Pocket Build, but if you’re still struggling then sound off in the comments below and we’ll do our best to provide more assistance.

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