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Kenshi: What Easy Prospecting Is & How to Do It

Kenshi What Easy Prospecting Is and How to Do It

Kenshi: What Easy Prospecting Is & How to Do It

What Easy Prospecting Is & How to Do It in Kenshi

Kenshi is a squad-based open world RPG with a lot of survival-like features, including farming and prospecting. Here’s what easy prospecting is and how to do it in Kenshi.

In Kenshi, you’re free to become whoever you want. You can be a thief, a trader, a warlord and even a farmer. For many, the prospect of becoming the game’s most feared warrior is enough to keep them coming back day after day, but for others, more is needed.

That more comes in the form, for some, of farming. The most adventurous life, clearly, that anyone in Kenshi can live, the life of a farmer features many decisions that affect your long-term survival.

What Prospecting Is

One of those is how you prospect. Prospecting is what you, the player, must use to find suitable locations to start your new life.

While this is key to farmers, it’s important for every other type of player in the game too because it is used to determine where one should build a base.

When you prospect, you must worry about the zone, the altitude, your Prospector Skill, wind speed, environment type and so much more. You can turn on normal prospecting if crunching these types of numbers sounds up your alley.

You can turn off normal in favor of simple too. This will give each aspect of prospecting the same value so you simply need to find a value you find satisfactory and then you’ll be set.

Easy Prospecting in Kenshi

If even that is too much, you can resort to easy prospecting.

What this does is allow you to set up shop anywhere you want without the need to worry about resource placement. Essentially, you can do whatever you want without having to worry about the values in determining your success.

It’s basically easy mode. To turn this setting on, though, you’ll need to first import your current save game into a new save, go to settings and untick the prospecting box. By doing so, your save will become an easy file.

You can play Kenshi today on PC. It’s available on Steam for $29.99 and is playable on Windows systems only.

For more information about Kenshi, be sure to check out Twinfinite where we have news, guides and more for this game. In the meantime, check out Twinfinite for news, reviews, previews, op-eds, features, and guides for all of your other favorite games too.

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