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Return of the Obra Dinn Triumphs at the Independent Games Festival 2019

IGF, Independent Games Festival

Return of the Obra Dinn Triumphs at the Independent Games Festival 2019

Today, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the ceremony for the Independent Games Festival 2019 has just concluded, and the winners have been announced.

Return of the Obra Dinn by Lucas Pope brought home the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, beating Do Not Feed The Monkeys (Fictiorama Studios), Hypnospace Outlaw, (Jay Tholen, Mike Lasch, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Corey Cochran), Minit (Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio & Dominik Johann), Noita (Nolla Games), and Opus Magnum (Zachtronics).

If you’re curious about the full list of winners, you can check it out below:

  • Excellence in Visual Art: Mirror Drop (Ian Lilley)
  • Excellence in Audio: Paratopic (Arbitrary Metric)
  • Excellence in Design: Opus Magnum (Zachtronics)
  • Excellence in Narrative: Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope)
  • Nuovo Award: Black Room (Cassie McQuater)
  • Best Student Game: after HOURS (Bahiyya Khan, Claire Meekel, Tim Flusk, Abi Meekel)
  • Alt CTRL GDC Award: HOT SWAP: All Hands On Deck (Peter Gyory, Clement Zheng)
  • [email protected] Gaming Heroes Award: Jerry Lawson
  • Audience Award: ETHEREAL (Nonsense Arts – Nicolás Recabarren and Tomás Batista)
  • Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope)

You can also check out a full list of all the nominees to see all the many independent games which were honored this evening.

If you’re curious, Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall won the 2018 edition of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

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