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Control’s Latest Trailers Demonstrate a Slice of the Game’s Powers and Gun Forms

Control, Remedy Entertainment

Control’s Latest Trailers Demonstrate a Slice of the Game’s Powers and Gun Forms

With every trailer, Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming game Control looks more and more amazing. Well, this time, Remedy has two trailers to hype the game

If you haven’t heard about Control, here’s the basic premise: you control (pun intended) a woman who explores a giant facility and fends off the possessed corpses of the people who used to work there. Control is probably the closest we will ever get to a AAA SCP Foundation video game.

Remedy’s two latest trailers don’t offer any pertinent story information but instead provide some welcome gameplay clips. While we’ve known for a while the protagonist will use supernatural powers and a shapeshifting gun, the first new gameplay video expands on these concepts.

The first trailer doesn’t show a ton of new powers but demonstrates players can eventually command enemies to fight on their side, which is always a boon when fighting a solo battle against an unknowable enemy.

More importantly, the video previews Control’s crafting system. Gamers will apparently craft and upgrade new forms for the game’s only gun. For example, the weapon’s minigun-like Spin form can be upgraded to expel exponentially more rounds per minute, transforming the weapon into a force of nature that chews through enemies almost as fast as it chews through ammo reserves.

The trailer also includes quite a few new locations. Technically, they all exist within the giant facility, but since the building is an anomaly itself, it can house quite a few varied locales, including rooms that are bound to remind players of Twin Peak’s iconic Red Room.

As for the second video, it’s just a short trailer that informs gamers they can pre-order Control, but it reveals two pre-order bonuses: Tactical Response Gear and a crafting resources pack.

While we are on the subject of bonuses, PlayStation 4 owners will receive some extra goodies. According to the official Control website, the PS4 version comes with some extra character and weapon mods, as well as the Astral Dive Suit.

Moreover, gamers can purchase the PlayStation 4 Digital Deluxe Edition to receive the side mission “Isolation,” the Urban Response gear, and two upcoming expansion packs, “The Foundation” and “AWE.” These packs will include new locations, story content, side missions, and mods. As for PC and Xbox One owners, they don’t get any exclusive content or pre-order bonuses, which is in all honesty disappointing.

Control is scheduled to release August 27th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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