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The Best Dragon Ball Movies, All 20 Ranked From Fine to Phenomenal

Dragon Ball Movies

The Best Dragon Ball Movies, All 20 Ranked From Fine to Phenomenal

The Dragon Ball series has seen a number of tie-in films over the years. Some have been excellent new additions to the series, while others have been imaginative retellings of the series’ canon.

Of course, some have been better than others, and that’s why we’re here today to rank every Dragon Ball film from fine to phenomenal.

Note that this list only includes entries considered full feature length films. As such, T.V. specials like “Bardock – The Father of Goku” and “The History of Trunks” will not be included.

Likewise, festival featurettes like “Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!” and the OVA “Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans” won’t be counted as they never saw a wider theatrical release.

Every Dragon Ball Movie Ranked

20. Broly – Second Coming

Dragon Ball Movies, Broly Second Coming

There’s not a whole lot that can be said about Broly – Second Coming.

On its surface, there are certainly elements of a good Dragon Ball film. Gotten, Trunks and Videl’s excursion to find the Dragon Balls is fun enough on its own and allows for some new locals and arenas to be introduced.

Likewise, the unexpected return of the iconic Broly while Goku isn’t around presents a good change of pace and an opportunity to show off Gohan as a potential successor to the mantle of Protector of Earth.

In execution though, none of this potential is realized. The hunt for the Dragon Balls ends up feeling pointless, and despite offering a great chance to expand on how strong Broly is compared to new characters, the fights feel brief and unsatisfying.

The best moment comes from the Family Kamehameha, but even then it feels like a high point among a series of much lower ones.

Couple in some so-so animation quality and the film feels like a bland cash-in on Broly’s character when it could have been so much greater.

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