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Pokemon GO: What the Best Smeargle Moveset Is

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Pokemon GO: What the Best Smeargle Moveset Is

What is Smeargle’s Best Moveset in Pokemon GO?

At long last, Pokemon GO trainers can complete their Johto Pokedex by catching Smeargle. Unlike other Pokemon, players can only spawn this one by taking pictures with the new Snapshot feature and hoping Smeargle photobombs one. However, the Pokemon features one of if not the most diverse move pools in the game, so here’s a quick rundown of the best moves for Smeargle in Pokemon GO.

Smeargle Used Sketch

Smeargle is known for its signature move Sketch, which copies the last attack used by an opponent. Virtually any move can be copied, including Self-Destruct, Dig, Splash, and Zap Cannon. While Sketch isn’t available in Pokemon GO, the move’s mechanics are mostly intact. Let me explain

Whenever Smeargle photobombs a Pokemon, it copies that mon’s moveset. This is both a blessing and a curse, since it can copy legacy/exclusive move such as Shadow Ball and Smack Down or useless moves like Splash and Yawn.

Trainers who want a Smeargle to learn specific moves have to take pictures of a Pokemon with that moveset over and over again until it finally shows its face. However, as with other Pokemon, Smeargles spawn with random IVs, so even if it knows a powerful moveset, its stats could be abysmal. Well, more abysmal than normal.

As a Normal-type Pokemon, it doesn’t fare well against Fighting-types. Even though it can learn Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type moves, all of which are super effective against Fighting-type Pokemon, Smeargle’s abysmal stats negate any advantages these moves grant.

However, since Ghost-type moves aren’t effective against Normal-types, players can transform their Pokemon into Ghost counterpicks with high-DPS Ghost and Dark-type moves, which are also super effective against Psychic-types that know Ghost-type moves.

Consider Type Advantages

Moves such as Shadow Claw, Hex, Shadow Ball, and Shadow Punch are great Ghost-type attacks, and knowing even one is beneficial for Ghost-killing Smeargles.

Since Banette can learn both Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball, the best Ghost-type moves in the game, a Smeargle that photobombs a Banette with those moves can fill the role of a decent, if squishy, Ghostbuster.

On the Dark-type front, Bite, Feint Attack, Foul Play, and Dark Pulse are a player’s best options. Bite is fairly common, but it is rarely pared up with Foul Play.

Players who want an exclusively Dark-type moveset usually have to settle for Foul Play/Dark Pulse and either Feint Attack or Snarl. If trainers can make Smeargle photobomb an Alolan Meowth that knows Bite and Foul Play, they will have a good Ghost counterpick.

However, if players prioritize the same-type attack bonus (STAB) over type advantages, they should take pictures of Pokemon with exclusively Normal-type moves such as Cut, Scratch, Hyper Fang, and Stomp.

However, even though these are powerful Normal-type attacks, they are rarely if ever paired together. While Normal-type moves are useless against Ghost-type Pokemon, they can help fight non Psychic/Ghost-type Pokemon that learn Ghost-type moves, including Ursaring, Lickitung, Snorunt, and Typhlosion.

What You See Is What You Get

Since Smeargle can copy any move, you might wonder if it’s possible to make it photobomb a Ditto to teach it Transform. Not in Pokemon GO. Instead, if a Smeargle photobombs a Ditto, it learns the moves of the last Pokemon Ditto transformed into, be it a Palkia or a Magikarp.

Moreover, using a TM on a Smeargle is a bad idea. TMs replace a move with a random one from a Pokemon’s move pool, and since its pool consists of every attack in the game, replacing a Smeargle’s move is a roll of the dice. Only use a TM on a the Pokemon if it knows Splash or Yawn.

Because of the random nature of Smeargle’s appearances, odds more than a few players will catch it with movesets that are designed with other Pokemon in mind. While players are free to experiment, remember that Smeargle is a gimmick Pokemon.

It can learn any move (minus Transform), but it doesn’t have the stats to back those attacks up, which is why it’s best fighting Pokemon that know Ghost-type moves.

That’s all you need to know about Smeargle’s best moveset in Pokemon GO.

For everything you need to know about Pokemon GO, including tips, guides, and tricks, check out Twinfinite’s Pokemon GO Wiki.

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