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Jurassic World Alive: How to Complete Alliance Missions & What They Are

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Jurassic World Alive: How to Complete Alliance Missions & What They Are

What Alliance Missions Are in Jurassic World Alive, and How to Complete Them

With the all-new update (1.6) comes all-new Alliance Missions. These missions bring new challenges for you and your guildmate to face, along with sweet rewards (and badges!) to earn. Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete Alliance Missions in Jurassic World Alive.

Where to Find Alliance Missions In-Game

When you click on the Dinosaur Protection Group icon in the top right corner of the screen, you’ll notice that a new “Alliance” tab has been added between “Daily” and “Achievements”. This is where you’ll find the new challenges each week. Do note that Alliance Missions are timed. The time remaining to level up and complete a mission is posted in red above the description.

Each week, a new set of five Alliance Missions drops. Players can earn individual bonuses for completing these 5 missions, and, most importantly, there’s a sweet Incubator reward available when them time period ends. Keep in mind that only the top contributor in each mission will receive the coin (or cash) reward.

When you complete all 5 of the weekly Alliance Missions, you’ll rank up the value of your Incubator reward. Each rank guarantees you better contents. You can rank up your Incubator a total of 5 times over the course of the week.

The Alliance Missions will change on a weekly basis, and the time remaining is noted at the top of the Alliance tab. When the timer for the mission runs out, a new one will begin and your rank will reset. So make sure you level up the reward as much as you can while you still have time!

Bonus for Top Contributors

An all-new sense of recognition is also included with the new Alliance Missions. Whenever one of the 5 missions is completed, the top contributor will be awarded a badge (along with a bonus).

This badge will be posted, including the player’s name, on top of the mission that was just completed. Now you’ll finally have proof that you’re really pulling your weight in the guild!

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