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Hearthstone 2019 Wild Open Gives 300 Players the Chance to Win $30,000


Hearthstone 2019 Wild Open Gives 300 Players the Chance to Win $30,000

Hearthstone’s 2019 Wild Open is here and we now have a list of the qualified players who will be competing for the title.

The list consists of 300 players hailing from Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific region. (You can view the list here.) These players will duke it out to the bitter end starting Feb 23, 2019. The event will be hosted live on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel for anyone to enjoy.

The Wild Open is Blizzard’s annual tournament for the Wild format in the Hearthstone CCG. For those unfamiliar, the Wild format allows any and all cards from every expansion in the game to be played. This usually allows for some very creative decks to be showcased given that cards are utilized from 14 different expansions.

Hearthstone’s Wild Open is unique compared to many CCG tournaments given that the qualifiers and the tournament itself all take place online. This means anyone who plays the game could qualify to participate in the Open. All that was required of participants was to place in the top 100 slots of the Wild leaderboards in their given region.

Players will be encouraged to play to the best of their ability too, with a prize pool of $30,000 on the line. The Prize will be split among the top 8 players. It will be a long and gruesome climb to the top for the players who want to get a part of the prize.

Hearthstone is Blizzard’s free to play online CCG based on the characters and lore of the popular MMO World of Warcraft. It was released in 2014 and has seen several expansions and competitive esports events since its conception.

This marks the third ever Wild format tournament that has been held for Hearthstone and is the first to feature cards from the newest expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble.

You can play the game for free now on PC, Android, and IOS platforms.

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