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Civ 6 Gathering Storm: How to Get Diplomatic Favor & What It’s Used For

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Civ 6 Gathering Storm: How to Get Diplomatic Favor & What It’s Used For

How to Get Diplomatic Favor in Civilization 6 Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm, the second major expansion to Civilization 6 features a host of improvements, but two major ones in particular: Diplomacy and Weather. The former introduces a new currency called Diplomatic Favor. Here’s how to get Diplomatic Favor in Civ 6 Gather Storm.

Like we mentioned, Diplomatic Favor is a new form of currency added in the latest expansion. Unlike Gold and Faith, which are used to purchase units for example, Favor is used to bully other nations into agreeing with world policy that favors you.

What Is It Used For?

Starting in the Medieval Era and every 30 turns from there, all of the world’s major leaders will gather together in a new World Congress and vote on resolutions. This is where your Diplomatic Favor can be spent.

Your initial votes on certain resolutions are free, but you can use your favor to further stack votes on top of your initial vote to push favorable measures through.

Eventually, you’ll have an opportunity to go for a Diplomatic Victory.

You can check out our full guide for winning that way here, but the quick version is that all world leaders vote to pick elect a super world-leader, essentially, and having favor to vote on yourself or teammates will grant you victory if you get enough of it.

Getting More Diplomatic Favor

To get more Diplomatic Favor, you need to interact with world leaders in a positive and constructive way. You get one per turn just for existing once you have a government set up. You can get more by forming alliances and being the Suzerain of city-states.

You can also just trade for it as you would any currency, such as gold.

Finally, you can also get large one-time bonuses of Diplomatic Favor by preforming deeds of positivity in the game. For example, liberating a city-state or a civilization from their conqueror, or participating and succeeding in Scored Competitions and Emergencies.

Scored Competitions and Emergencies appear later on in the game, and they are opportunity for you to get more involved in the world community and contribute something positive, such as Gold, to either help others, such as providing aid after a storm or committing to Climate Accord measures.

That’s all for how to get Diplomatic Favor in Civ 6 Gathering Storm. For more on Gathering Storm, check out our full review.


Question: How do you get more Diplomatic Favor?

  • Form alliances.
  • Form higher level governments.
  • Contribute aid.
  • Participate in scored competitions.
  • Trade for it.
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