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The Captain Marvel Official Website is Straight From the 90s’

Captain Marvel

The Captain Marvel Official Website is Straight From the 90s’

The upcoming Marvel superhero movie Captain Marvel just received a new official website and it is an absolute blast from the past.

The webpage features an early internet era aesthetic that those 90s’ kids are sure to feel nostalgia for. In fact, it might just remind you of the classic Space Jam website. Much like many of the 90s’ promo websites, there are plenty of features to interact and play with.

By clicking on the info tab you are led to a brief description of the movie’s plot accompanied by a gallery of all the individual character posters. Below are more pictures and flashy clip art images that show Caroll Danvers in her flight gear and a gallery of Kree photos.

From here the website takes on a whole new level of cool with a flash game that gives you a chance to see how good you are at spotting Skrulls. Don’t be deceived, though, because it is a lot harder than it sounds. Those Skrulls really know how to blend in.

Just in case you forgot the website is straight from the dial-up age you can watch a new 30-second trailer via a tiny flash player window. Don’t worry though you won’t have to wait an hour for Quicktime to load it.

There are also plenty of little Easter Eggs on the site that people are still discovering. Particularly entertaining is one that happens when you scroll down the page. If you see the old Skrull lady from the trailer go ahead and give her a click, the result is very entertaining.

This is definitely one of the most unique marketing tools we have seen for a Marvel movie. Hopefully, it won’t be the last.

Captain Marvel will hit theatres here in the US on March 8.




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