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Best Workout Video Games to Break a Sweat While Having Fun


Best Workout Video Games to Break a Sweat While Having Fun

Best Workout Video Games

Beat Saber

VR games tend to be some of the best options when it comes to video games that make you break a sweat, and Beat Saber is one of the best workout video games you can play.

It’s a pretty simple idea. You stand facing a tunnel and colored blocks are sent towards you, with you having to slice them in the direction of the arrow on them with the movement tracking controllers you’re using, all of it being done to pumping music.

The more blocks you break, the more points you get, but movement is also taken into account. The longer your swings are, the more points you get. Therefore, the more you move the better you do. On higher difficulties, though, hitting all the blocks while swinging your arms violently is really hard work.

Add on top of that the need to be agile in moving left and right, or even ducking really low, to get out of the way of walls and you’ll be out of breath in no time.

Just a couple of tracks in Beat Saber is the perfect workout. Thankfully, it’s a great VR game too.

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