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4 Most Beautiful Games of February 2019


4 Most Beautiful Games of February 2019

Beautiful Games in February 2019


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Developed by Chucklefish, Wargroove is a turn-based tactical strategy game that takes a lot of inspiration from Advance Wars. It also looks insanely good.

Wargroove sports a neat-looking pixel art graphical style, which isn’t uncommon at all among indie games. However, if you look closer, it becomes abundantly clear that Chucklefish put a lot of effort into making their game look as detailed as possible.

All the character sprites have their own unique animations, from the bellowing wings of the Felldragon to the adorable rollover by the pup Caesar.

The maps themselves feature quite a bit of variety as well, offering up a nice color palette that keeps things looking fresh as you progress from one level to the next.

Wargroove might look fairly simple on the surface, but Chucklefish has polished its pixel art style to a shine, easily making this one of the most beautiful games we got to play in February 2019.

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