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5 Best Upcoming Xbox One Games for February 2019


5 Best Upcoming Xbox One Games for February 2019

Best Xbox One Games Releasing in February 2019

Wargroove – Feb. 1

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Yes, yes, we’re aware we’re a little late on this one, but the point still remains — you really shouldn’t miss out on Wargroove on your Xbox One. ‘But why?’ I hear you ask. Well, because it fills a little gap within the Xbox One’s library. There are few turn-based strategy games on the Xbox One right now, and Wargroove is an excellent example of the genre.

Not only does it have a story mode to occupy you for hours, but it’s also got local and online co-op modes, a map editor mode that enables you to share your creations and download others from the community, and a Puzzle mode to boot.

Simply put, there’s an absolute ton of content in Wargroove, and it’s all wrapped up in a charming retro art style. If you’ve ever wanted Nintendo’s Advance Wars series on your Xbox One, well, this is the closest you’re going to get.

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