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10 Best Netflix Series in 2019 to Binge Watch


10 Best Netflix Series in 2019 to Binge Watch

Netflix Series You Should Binge in 2019

Orange is the New Black

Netflix, Orange is the New Black, Binge Watch Shows 2019

It’s time to get stuck in to our list of Netflix shows to binge in 2019, but if you’re after Anime-centric content then we have a list just for you: the best anime shows coming to Netflix in 2019.

One of the longest-running Netflix original series out there, Orange is the New Black is fast approaching its long-awaited conclusion in summer of 2019.

Confirmed to be its final hour, the show’s seventh season is set to wrap up the story arcs of former drug smuggler Piper Chapman and her fellow inmates, as well as the many adventures they’ve taken part in at Litchfield Penitentiary.

It’s a little sad to see, but also one most fans are ready for. The series’ plot has gone in plenty of directions over the years, but more recently it’s shown that there isn’t much more they can do before the show’s conceit runs stale.

To that end, the series ending this year feels fitting, and it gives fans new and old alike a good reason to binge through the entirety of the series once it becomes available.

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