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Take a Good Long Look at the Detective Pikachu-Themed Pokemon Trading Cards and other Merchandise


Take a Good Long Look at the Detective Pikachu-Themed Pokemon Trading Cards and other Merchandise

I was in middle school when the Pokemon Trading Card Game hit American store shelves. While I don’t play (or collect) TCGs anymore, I’m tempted to buy the new Detective Pikachu-themed Pokemon cards because they look so freakin’ awesome.

Thanks to a recent press release, we have a sneak peek of the Pokemon trading cards that will feature the stars of the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, including, of course, Detective Pikachu.

And Greninja.

And everyone’s favorite not-dragon, Charizard.

Let me be the first to say the cards capture the Pokemons’ likenesses brilliantly. Pikachu still looks as fuzzy as he is deductive; Greninja is all sorts of uncanny valley, and Charizard looks like he’s ready to eat me. I love it.

Of course, this isn’t the whole lineup. Pokemon fans can expect 26 movie-themed cards in all, each featuring art that lovingly translates their movie appearances into card form.

The Detective Pikachu goodness doesn’t end there, though. While these cards will be available in special Detective Pikachu booster packs, gamers can buy three special “Case Files” that feature these cards, as well as a few extras.

The Pikachu Case File, the smallest of the three, will pack in a metallic coin, two Detective Pikachu booster pack, and a vanilla Pokemon TCG booster pack. The Charizard Case file, meanwhile, will up the ante with an oversized Charizard card, four Detective Pikachu booster packs, and two regular Pokemon TCG packs. Finally, the Greninja Case File will blow the others out of the water with an oversized Greninja card, a Greninja pin, five Detective Pikachu booster packs, and two Pokemon TCG packs.

However, if you want something a bit more metallic, you can always pick up the Detective Pikachu Collector Chest. This tin box will contain a whopping seven Detective Pikachu booster packs, two normal Pokemon TCG packs, a collector’s pin, a notepad, and a sticker sheet.

If trading cards aren’t your thing, though, the Pokemon Company has got you covered. Anyone who wants to dress up for the movie premier can pick up various wearable merch from, including the Detective Pikachu Deerstalker Hat with plush Pikachu ears, a line of clothes featuring the logo of Ryme City’s Hi-Hat Cafe, and Ryme City Police Department apparel. And no, I don’t know why it’s called a deerstalker hat and not a deerlingstalker hat, either.

Moreover, Pokemon fans in the mood for toys will be glad to hear that Wicked Cool Toys, the current master toy licensee for Pokemon, will soon release Detective Pikachu-themed collectables, including a talking Detective Pikachu plush and action figures of various sizes and articulations. And yes, one is a plastic recreation of the internet sensation/horror known as Mr. Mime.

Finally, if you’re into building, you’ll be pleased to hear Mega Construx will release several Detective Pikachu-themed sets, one of which will be a 6.25-inch blocky recreation of Detective Pikachu himself. The other set is Mr. Mime. Again. Maybe we should start calling him Mr. Meme.

While the Detective Pikachu movie won’t release until May 10th, the trading cards will be available starting April 5th. Meanwhile, the official wearable merchandise will hit digital store shelves on April 2nd, and the Mega Construx line will be available March 25th. As for Wicked Cool Toys’ offerings, they’ll launch sometime in April, no specific date given.

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