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Monster Hunter World: What the Iceborne DLC Release Date Is

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Monster Hunter World: What the Iceborne DLC Release Date Is

What the Release Date Is for Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne DLC

A little over a month ago, Monster Hunter World’s first massive expansion, Iceborne, was announced. Here’s what the release date is for Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne DLC.

Back in December of 2017, Capcom and the team behind Monster Hunter World announced on a livestream a whole slew of things coming to the popular monster hunting game and with it, a teaser and some details about the first large expansion for the game titled Iceborne.

This expansion will introduce players to an arctic ecosystem that houses new monsters for players to hunt. Alongside those monsters are new weapons, new pieces of armor and more of the Monster Hunter World story.

Everything new will be appropriately themed to the new icy environment players will be spending their time in while playing through Iceborne. If the trailer is any indication, there will also be new moves for hunters to master.

What that entails, though, only time will tell.

If you missed out on the announcement, you can view the trailer for it below.

As you can see, Iceborne is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the already extensive ecosystem of Monster Hunter World. And, as the trailer indicates, we can expect the release of it this year.

More specifically, the trailer states the expansion will release this autumn. What does that mean, though?

Well, considering this video is in English, “Autumn 2019” likely correlates to this year’s autumn in the US. In 2018, Autumn begins on Sep. 23 and ends on Dec. 21, which is when winter starts.

Digging deeper into these dates to determine an exact one is tough. The base game was released on Jan. 26 which is nowhere near autumn so an anniversary release doesn’t make sense.

Generally, you can determine a release date, or at least a release window, based off of what is releasing around it, but considering 2019 is sparse for release dates, especially on all first-party fronts, it’s tough to place Iceborne somewhere in between those release dates.

All we can assume is that Capcom doesn’t want to cannibalize Iceborne by sending it off to die against the likes of something like Call of Duty or a massive first-party title from Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo.

If we had to guess, December seems like a great fit for this. December is traditionally one of the coldest months of the year and is associated with the likes of snow and ice.

Considering that’s what Iceborne is all about, it seems like that month would be the perfect storm.

Sadly, though, that’s speculation which is really all we can do at this point. We’ll update this piece with the official release date when we know of it.

You can read our Monster Hunter World review to determine if this is the game for you. If it sounds like it is, you have plenty of time to catch up before Iceborne is released.

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