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Humble Monthly for February Includes Yakuza 0 and The Division

yakuza 0

Humble Monthly for February Includes Yakuza 0 and The Division

Humble Monthly, a monthly subscription service for PC gamers that bundles games together for the first Friday of every month, has a strong Feb. 2019 bundle available. As is always the case, the majority of the bundle is under wraps until the full contents are released on Feb. 1, but two games are available now for subscribers to to play as they wait.

The first game available now is Yakuza 0, an open-world action title developed by SEGA. It recently released in August for the PC and is considered to be a prequel to other games in the franchise, which means this is the perfect opportunity to catch up before its sequels come to the platform.

For those who enjoy playing with others, Tom Clancy’s The Division is the other game available via Humble Monthly. It has been out for a few years, but with the sequel coming soon, now is a good time for new players to give it a try.

Both of these games are available for the monthly subscription fee of $12, with additional titles unlocking on Feb. 1. Once the full bundle has been unlocked, it is no longer purchasable and buyers will instead be subscribing to the March Humble Monthly.

For more information on Humble Monthly, including a list of titles contained in previous bundles, check out their website.


This post was originally written by Hannah Stewart.

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