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Brie Larson Has Given Captain Marvel Her All in a New Featurette

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Brie Larson Has Given Captain Marvel Her All in a New Featurette

Marvel released a new featurette today showcasing a minute of behind-the-scenes Brie Larson action on the set of Captain Marvel and one thing is clear: Larson has given her all to this character.

While some characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are lucky enough to be largely CGI, it seems that Captain Marvel required Larson to basically become Carol Danvers. According to the featurette, which you can view below, Larson trained for nine months before the shoot to embrace the physicality of Danvers.

Naturally, she was also learning the script of the movie and scene directions, too.

As you can see in the featurette, she also found herself in the passenger seat of a United States Air Force Jet. While some of these planes can reach speeds of over 1500 mph, it’s unlikely first-time jet passenger Larson found herself hitting any machs.

It’s fitting, really, that Larson has gone through such a transformation to become Captain Marvel. In the trailer, you can here one of the directors, Anna Boden, who is one half of the Ryan Fleck/Anna Boden director team-up, discuss how the story of Marvel’s latest is all about Danvers’ journey of discovery.

It seems that Danvers isn’t the only one on a journey of discovery. If this trailer tells us anything, it’s that Larson’s journey to become this hero has been a long one.

For the uninitiated, Captain Marvel is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe prequel. Not only is it a prequel, but it’s also taking us back to a time period no Marvel movie has dwelled in for too long: the 90s.

If promotional material is any indication, we can expect some 90s rock, some nostalgic but never-wear-that-again outfits and some more lore surrounding not only Nick Fury, the but the disappearance of his eye. One look at the de-aged Fury and it’s obvious that both eyes are intact.

Here’s to hoping we find out what happened to his left eye in Captain Marvel when it releases to theaters on March 8.

If you’re interested in learning more about the character before her silver screen debut, check out our guide on who Captain Marvel is.

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