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6 Big Games That Can Make 2019 Belong to the Switch


6 Big Games That Can Make 2019 Belong to the Switch

6 Big Games Switch Can Dominate 2019 With

Animal Crossing

animal crossing switch

I hope that you’re all ready to be in debt once again as Animal Crossing for Switch will be launching sometime in 2019. You can, of course, expect to decorate your home, go fishing with friends, plant some flowers, and most important of all, become best friends with all of your fellow anthropomorphic neighbors.

With the latest entry, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, selling over 12 million copies, it wouldn’t be surprising if this new title in the sim franchise exceeds that number. Fans have been crying and screaming for an Animal Crossing release on Nintendo’s new console and now it’s finally happening.

We don’t know why people are so pumped to owe cash to a money-hungry raccoon, but hey, to each their own.

Being able to pop in and out of your town on the go and on your television will be quite entertaining, to say the least. In the past, it’s either been portable or strictly tied to a home console but now we’ll have the choice and being free like this will make this entry something truly unique.

We literally don’t know anything about this new game, except the fact that it’s coming in 2019, but look forward to some new type of gameplay angle that Nintendo implements in each and every iteration.

New Leaf allowed you to become the mayor, letting you have control over the design of your town like never before. Here’s hoping Animal Crossing on Switch lets you punch Tom Nook in the face for putting you in such debt, but hey, he’s only doing his job right?

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