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Unleash Your Epic Creations with Fortnite’s Upcoming Creative Mode


Unleash Your Epic Creations with Fortnite’s Upcoming Creative Mode

Fortnite sets itself apart from other battle royale games by letting players build fortifications wherever they want, yet the game doesn’t feature a mode where players can craft wild and wacky dreamscapes without worrying about being fragged. That shortcoming is about to change.

Epic Games recently unveiled Fortnite Creative. This game mode will give players their own private islands to do with as they wish. Players will be able to build anything they desire and even create custom game modes.

Want to house a deathmatch in an arena filled with bounce pads and rocket launchers? You can do that in Fortnite Creative. What about a race where participants drive around a city in the world’s most gun-happy game of Mario Kart? Not even the sky’s the limit in the upcoming mode.

While Fornite Creative will release soon, Epic Games still considers the mode a work in progress. The company plans to add plenty of features and improvements with future updates. Heck, the announcement video states players will be able to “shoot [their] cinematic masterpiece” in the mode, which implies Fortnite Creative will either ship with or eventually feature movie-making tools. This could spell competition for programs such as Source Filmmaker and Garry’s Mod.

If the prospect of crafting your own little Fortnite world has piqued your curiosity but hasn’t won you over, Epic Games has you covered with several preview videos. The studio gave prominent YouTubers such as I AM WILDCAT and Loserfruit preview builds of the new game mode, and these content creators posted videos of their experiences. You can find a complete list of these videos on the official Fortnite Creative announcement page.

Fortnite Creative is scheduled to drop on December 13th and will be free for everyone. But, if you can’t wait and want to get a head start on your golf cart death race course, you can buy the Season 7 Battle Pass for one week of early access starting tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what kind of creations you build in Fortnite Creative.

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